A new era of outdoor laser tag equipment is dawning. The legend of the American army and a worthy opponent of the Kalashnikov assault rifle — the AR-15 RANGER — is available for pre-order.

The model is made of weapon plastic with high detail, each element is functional and well thought out. A comfortable buttstock with a recognizable shape comes with a special cheek rest. The rear sight and front sight can be attached to the body in a matter of seconds and withstand the most violent play.

The anatomical grip is suitable for playing with and without gloves. On the Picatinny rail you can hang target designators, lights, handles, optical or collimator sight. We thought of every detail: we made the shoulder pad padded and the shoulder strap clip wide.

  • Length – 72 cm
  • Weight – 1.3 kg
  • Working time – 36 h
  • Li + battery – 3000 mAh

You can find detailed specifications in our online store.

Do you want to have this unique laser tag equipment? Send a request to [email protected] or just fill the form. We will answer all your questions and prepare a commercial proposal.