Driven only by instinct, the zombies started hunting people. They couldn’t use the guns, but it was more than compensated for by the increased endurance and damage, which made an encounter of one living dead man a question of life and death. A fighter who fell into the clutches of zombies could come back to life, losing his human image and replenishing the army of the walking dead.

Laser tag scenario for zombie tag!

People are armed and numerous, zombies have increased stamina and damage. Choose which side you are on and lead the team to victory. Apocalypse or a brighter future? Everything depends on you.

At the beginning of the round, players are divided into two teams: people and zombies. The approximate ratio is 2:1 (i.e. two/three players in the human team and one zombie in the opposite team).

Players from the human team are armed with taggers. Zombie players don’t need them. They use the Zombie game sets, which are headbands with heat sensors having a special firmware. The IR diode on the headbands emit pulses at intervals of 2 – 3 seconds.

Zombies have increased health and damage. When zombies kill a man, he’s reborn as a zombie after a set time interval. If a zombie is killed, he’s out of the game.

The game lasts until all the players are in the same team. If all the zombies are exterminated, a team of people is declared the winner. If the zombies have managed to transfer all their opponents to their side, they will be the winners of the round.