The enemy is getting closer, nerves are on edge, but time hasn’t come yet to reveal yourself. We need to let enemy get closer. Your finger rests on the radio fuse button and a firestorm sweeps away half the enemy group at once…

We have seen this many times in the movies. We have always wanted to experience that in laser tag. Now the dream has come true!

The Cerberus laser tag mine has long been a favorite in the arsenals of laser tag clubs. And now it has new features. Whereas previously the mine was detonated by integrated sensors or a detonation from a nearby IR ammo, it is now possible to activate a hidden mine by pressing the remote fob button from 40 to 80 m away.

The range of the button will be maximum in direct line of sight and slightly reduced indoors, but quite sufficient for a spectacular Cerberus ambush. With each new device from LASERWAR, laser tag becomes more exciting and interesting.

The new product is already available for orders. When ordering a mine with a radio fuze, you just need to select the appropriate option, which will add 1,300 roubles to the cost of the mine.

For the time being, the option is only available when ordering a new mine; it is not possible to purchase a remote fob separately for a previously purchased device: an upgrade of the electronic hardware is required. But a no-win situation never happens: please contact a service centre for help.