Finally, we are ready to show the recently promised surprise. Building on the AR-15’s body-based range, we are introducing a lightweight machine gun based on the AR. A recognizable high-strength plastic body, external gun tube, universal bipods that can be transformed into a tactical grip and a high-capacity “double drum” type magazine – this is what the MG-21 Berserk is all about.

Sure, this machine gun does not compete in authenticity with real combat prototypes; it has a different target audience.

After all, laser tag for kids still exists. Not everyone can play with a real combat prototype weighing 4-6 kg, but many young laser tag players would like to be in the role of a machine gunner, covering their team in battle.

Plus, the arsenal of rental clubs is complete with the advent of the AR product range, consisting of the Ranger assault rifle, the Ghost sniper rifle and the Berserk light machine gun. The models, designed with all the nuances of rental operation in mind, like the Predators, Phoenixes and Warriors will take their place in club racks, giving players new emotions.