We would like to introduce you a new overview of laser tag equipment. It includes five best taggers, which we, as a manufacturing company, recommend for rental clubs and use at all kinds of events.

The LASERWAR product range today consists of almost 80 taggers, among which each player will choose the equipment to his or her taste. Sometimes it can be difficult to make a choice. Just for that purpose we shoot such videos.

This time the choice fell on the models that are most popular with our customers, tested by numerous competitions and earned the trust of professional players and ordinary laser tag club-goers. Many of our subscribers put a LIKE under the videos.

The TOP-list includes our super-new gun – the HORNET pistol. A few months after its launch, the Hornet received great reviews and established itself as a stylish and accurate tagger. As we had hoped, it was to the taste of both adults and kids.