LASERWAR customer map is regularly updated with new markers. We sincerely rejoice at the success of our partners and always willingly tell about them on our Internet resources. Today we present to subscribers Revitant/LaserWar Weapons And Tactics – a rental club and official dealer.

Revitant opened in 2020. The club is located in the city of Novi Sad on the banks of the Danube in northern Serbia. It not only organizes laser tag games using our branded equipment, but is the official representative, distributor of LASERWAR equipment in Serbia and the only authorized service centre of the company in the Balkans.

One of the owners of the company Stefan Savanovich got acquainted with laser tag during his trip to Russia. He and his friends really liked the idea of bringing realistic LASERWAR equipment to Serbia, making the game accessible to everyone who was fond of extreme sports, weapons and military topics. The guys focus on the Milsim-direction of laser tag. They note that, until recently, in Serbia, such equipment was only available to police and military personnel who use it to practice their combat skills. Now anyone can hold replicas of real weapons.

– We are big fans of military history, tactics, Milsim, strikeball and paintball. We want to offer Serbian citizens something new in the field of entertainment and leisure, – the founders of the club say. – We are well acquainted with the laws and regulations governing laser tag business. Therefore, we do not just sell taggers and devices, but also teach customers to play with the equipment and customize it at their discretion, advise those wishing to open a rental club. We can even pick up the goods at customs and deliver them to the customer at home. We are also ready to hold away laser tag games all over Serbia.

The arsenal of the Revitant club is rich in all kinds of weapons and additional equipment. Fans of military tactical games have access to all sorts of weapons: from sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols to laser tag knives. Bombs, medical kits and grenades provide a variety of scenarios. This is well illustrated by the teaser from the official YouTube channel of the club, located just above the text. The founders of Revitant offer a lot of ready-made scenarios for the game, as well as open to the ideas offered by customers.

– I think people in Serbia will love laser tag. For most of our compatriots this is a great opportunity to communicate and spend free time in the wild. Playing laser tag in the open will make be to the taste of young people, who are unwilling to part with smart phones and computers, – says the representative of the company Ana Todorovich.

By the way, the guys from Revitant are now responsible for moderating the English forum. There you can ask questions about the operation of the equipment and offer your ideas for creating new devices.

We are very glad that LASERWAR now has an active, professional like-minded friends in Serbia. We hope that our cooperation will help to increase the army of laser tag fans in Europe. If you happen to visit Serbia – go to Revitant/LaserWar Weapons And Tactics! You are welcome!

Find more at official site.